My Jar Short Term Loans

My Jar promise to be different from the other short-term, payday lenders out there. Claiming to treat all customers with fairness and respect and giving customers the option to contact their customer service team 7 days of the week. They offer flexible repayment options, with the choice to pay back early with no extra cost to the borrower. They claim to have no hidden charges and purport to perform credit checks with all the relevant and reliable agencies. 

However, there are many people who have been incredibly dissatisfied with the service they received from My Jar. Many people have found that they were approved for a loan initially, and found the service to be quite good. However, many customers who have repaid their loan earlier than expected were refused when they tried to apply for another loan. While My Jar has said that this is because each time a person applies for a loan, their credit is checked individually. They claim that there may be other extenuating circumstance that affects the loan application process, but many people are still very unhappy with the level of service that they received. 

A lot of customers of My Jar have reported that their customer service team are very ineffectual and actually quite rude in some cases. Many, many people have said that they don’t hear back from the company, unless ‘it suits them’. This is not a good level of communication for a company which are dealing with a sensitive issue – your money. Many people have claimed that they have tried to contact the company regarding missing a payment or other quite urgent information, and not heard anything back for several days, sometimes weeks. 

My Jar claim to get the money into your account within two hours, although many customers have said that this has sometimes taken far longer than this. Some customers have reported that it has been two weeks and their money still hasn’t come through. Not only do the company claim to get the money into your account quickly, and then don’t deliver on their promises. But these customers have also claimed that they have been being charged interest on a loan that they haven’t even received yet. 

Another common problem that many people have experienced with My Jar is that they pass information onto debt collectors, without warning and with only one missed payment. One of the most common complaints that have been received is that people have informed them that they wouldn’t be able to make a payment and could they make a change to their repayment schedule. They found that they didn’t hear back from My Jar until the company told them that their file had been passed over to debt collectors. People are understandably upset about this, as they felt they should have been contacted prior to their details being handed over. 

Their customer service also leaves little to desire as, apart from being incredibly hard to get hold off, many customers have said that when they have gotten in contact with them – they have been very rude and abrupt. Many people have claimed that they were on hold for a long time when they initially phoned the company, and when they did manage to get through they were passed around to person after person. This left many clients feeling as though no one really cared about their problems, nor did they seem particularly bothered about helping them sort it out. Another thing that has been mentioned in complaints about My Jar is that the customer service team promises to send out emails which are never received, and are in the habit of hanging up the phone before the matter has been fully discussed. 

If you or someone you know has been treated poorly by My Jar then look no further as we can help address any concerns or complaints you may have about the company. Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you.