Payday Express

Payday Express is a short-term, payday lender who has recently closed their online loan application system, in favour of their sister company The Money Shop. While this loan company was up and running, they were promising quick and easy applications, approved or declined within minutes and the money in your account the same day. They were promising excellent customer service and offered a variety of ways to contact their customer service teams, from email to phone calls. This was to ensure that customers were able to contact them in a way that suited them.

However, there have been numerous complaints about the company, from people who have been inundated with spam after signing up to Payday Express, to those who have had poor experiences with their customer service team and those who haven’t had any contact at all, when they needed it most. This is hugely disappointing for those who have used the service. The individuals who have used Payday Express have found themselves at a point in their lives where they are in need of a quick cash payout to help them for a variety of reasons. Many people have found themselves landed with unexpected bills, or have suddenly lost their jobs and are in desperate need of some financial aid. To be put in an even more stressful situation because of someone that they expected to help is just not right. 

Many people have reported that they have made a formal complaint to Payday Express, only to have them take weeks to respond or not respond at all. This is terrible for people who are waiting to hear back about things that have affected their credit score. This means that these people won’t be able to apply for other loans, and may have their credit scored negatively affected – meaning they could end up in more financial trouble. For a company that promises excellent customer service, this does not hold up to the high standards that you expect. Many people have said they have waited weeks and in some cases up to a month before hearing back from any of the customer service team, or even getting an acknowledgement of their initial contact. 

Another common complaint about Payday Express is that they have taken a long time before paying people. Although their old website claimed that they would approve the loan and pay it in the same day, a lot of people have said that they had to wait weeks before the money ended up in their account. Customers of Payday Express have said that the company requested document after document, including account information and proof of identity. Although this is standard practice for most companies, people have reported that Payday Express requested multiple copies of the same document, implying that they had lost the original copies or never received them. This is worrying for many people because a lot of these documents had sensitive information in. Nobody wants to know that their personal info has been lost or misplaced. 

There are many reasons that people have been treated badly by Payday Express, ranging from the annoying to almost illegal. People who have been forced to deal with rude or absent customer service reps have had their stress levels raised unnecessarily at a time in their life where they were already under a lot of stress. The fact that documents were lost and misplaced is a lot more than worrying because these documents may have contained personal info such as account information, addresses or other personal details. 

If you feel like you have been treated badly by Payday Express then you can get in contact with us today. We can help you address any issues, worries or concerns you have about this payday lender and can help work with you to resolve these issues with the least amount of stress to you.