Peachy is a short-term payday lender, which classes itself as safe and secure. They currently offer short-term loan from £100 - £1000, and multiple repayment options which aim to give customers more choice when paying back the money they have borrowed. They claim to be a responsible lender who offers short-term loans to those who need it most. Whether it’s to cover an expected cost, or for those whose pay cheque is a bit short this month, Peachy aim to build long-term relationships with their customers and promise to treat them right. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with a lot of customers who have used the company. Many clients have found themselves indebted to Peachy for loans that they can’t afford or loans that they shouldn’t have been given in the first place. A lot of customers have also been placed in a position where they were told they were approved for the loan and then, later on, were told after further consideration that they were declining the application.

This has led many people to go ahead and pay for things, from car repairs to emergency vets’ bills. Only to find out, after the fact, that they were not getting approved for the loan – after being told differently. Peachy claim to get the money into your bank account within an hour, but many people have found this to be a false claim. A lot of customers found that they were left waiting for several hours, and even a few customers had to wait days before the money was transferred to their account. This meant that a lot of people were left without money that they desperately needed.

Peachy prides themselves on excellent customer service, although many people have had bad experiences with the customer service team at this company. Many people have said that when they have phoned the customer service team they were put through to agents in other countries who didn’t speak English so couldn’t understand the problem. While many companies outsource customer service teams to other countries, it is important to ensure that these teams are capable of understanding English so they can give people the help they need. 

There have also been many complaints about Peachy passing on sensitive information to other lenders, brokers or affiliate companies. This is a breach of data protection and unless you have specifically given a company permission to pass on your details, they should keep them strictly confidential. However, many people have found that once applying for a loan with Peachy, whether accepted or not, they have been inundated with hundreds of different texts, calls or emails from other companies who offer similar services. Not only is this a breach of data protection, but it also is highly annoying and will put people off using these types of services in the future. 

While Peachy is far more responsible than some of the other payday lenders out there, many customers have been left highly dissatisfied with the service and overall experience from this company. A lot of customers have found their interest rates to be extremely high, and have found paying back the loan quite difficult. Combined with the poor customer service that people have experienced and it makes for a bad company. Customers who have had a bad time when dealing with Peachy may find it hard to know where to go for advice or information, as a lot of these companies tend to sweep their negative feedback under the carpet. 

However, if you feel like you have been treated badly by Peachy Loans then you can contact us and we will do our best to help you resolve your issues.