Satsuma Loans

Satsuma Loans are a company who offer flexible repayments and easy and fast decisions. They also promise that the money will be in your account within one hour of being approved. The promised no hidden fees and claim to only need a few details. 

However, there is a lot of negative reviews around this company. Their Trustpilot rating is bad, with 77% of the reviews being one star. This is not good for the people who have used them and been treated badly, but at least there is help out there. From being ‘false’ approved to dreadful customer service and even being charged extra, this is one company that is to be avoided. 

One of the many complaints that have been made against the company is that people who have applied for a loan have been told that they were accepted and then told hours later that the loan had been declined. One customer was told that they were approved for a loan and asked to send in a proof of wage. This individual then emailed a copy of their wage slip, which had to be emailed twice because they couldn’t find the first one. Then once, they had received this, the customer was told that they could not be approved for the loan because they couldn’t afford it. This was after the customer had told them how much they earnt, and the wage slip actually said more than this on it. 

The company claims to be a responsible lender, and not give money to people who cannot afford to pay it back. Although this is a fair response and means that they’re not giving money to people who cannot afford to have a loan, it is rather upsetting for a customer who thinks they have a loan, only to be told a few hours later that they have been declined. For someone who is stressed out with money problems, this is the last thing they need. They could’ve spent that time looking for other payday lenders, or other ways to help them out. Instead, they thought that everything was sorted and wasted time waiting for money that was never theirs. 

The complaints about customer service have also been very numerous. People have dealt with customer service to make complaints, only to be given the wrong information and be left with nowhere to go as they don’t have the right info. People who have made complaints have then tried to contact the customer service department on countless occasions only to be met with an answering machine. When people finally do get through to the customer service support team, they are met with an unfriendly attitude and members of staff who have been just plain rude to their customers. The complaints that people have made have taken a long time – sometimes weeks – to resolve. This means that the customers left hanging with no idea of what’s going on because they cannot get in contact with anyone. 

Many people have also complained that the company are taking interest early, and charging hidden fees for early repayments. Although this is standard practice for a lot of loan companies, they need to be upfront about it. If they hide this information, it could lead to people deciding to use them based on false information. Many people have also complained that the interest is taken before the capital is even touched, meaning that they are taking money before any of the actual loans has been paid. 

If you have had a bad experience with Satsuma loans get in touch with us today. Whether it’s being treated unfairly by their customer service department or having had money taken from you without your knowledge. We’re here to help.