The Money Shop

The Money Shop is slightly different to other payday lenders, as it works from a physical location instead of offering loans online. It used to but for an unknown reason, it has stopped trading this way. The Money Shop offer a different variety of loans, from payday loans to guarantor loans and they also work as a travel money shop and pawnbrokers. Although this wide variety of options may give you more choice than the other payday lenders out there, it doesn’t mean that they will treat you any better. 

They offer a range of repayment options, including paying your loan off in one go or paying it off in instalments of your choosing. They also promise to charge you no arrangement fees, no late repayment fees and no early repayment fees. However, while they may not have hidden fees like other payday lenders, their customer service certainly leaves a lot to be desired. 

Many customers have complained about the poor or outright terrible customer service that they have received from people at The Money Shop. When you consider that the staff employed by this company are dealing with people who are probably going through a stressful time and are worried about money, you would think that they would be calming, friendly and discreet. However, this isn’t what one person found when they had to use The Money Shop for a loan. The woman in the shop was rude and apparently spent most of her time talking to another member of staff. Not only that, but the complaint made about this woman also said that she swore and shouted and was generally very disrespectful

This kind of behaviour is wrong in any customer-facing job but the worst part about this complaint is that she didn’t show any discretion when it came to discussing the customer’s loan. According to the complaint, everyone in the shop was aware of what she was there for and how much she had left the shop with. This left the customer feeling very aware of the fact that she had a big lump sum of money in her purse, and that other people were aware of it. She felt very unsafe after this and didn’t want to walk home alone. 

These kinds of stresses should not have been added on top of the stress that the customer was already feeling. Employees and staff member should ensure that customers are left feeling safe and more secure than when they came in, instead of making them not want to walk home alone. As well as this, there have been numerous complaints about the rudeness of staff members in all the shops all over the country. Many customers have complained that the members of staff in the store seem to act as though they’d rather be elsewhere and don’t seem to understand the delicate nature of dealing with customers who are having money problems. 

Many people have also complained of the slow progress when it comes to delivering the money. Most people use these services because they are in desperate need of some quick cash and have turned to a payday lender to help. So when places like The Money Shop take a long time in getting back to the customer, or a long time with actually delivering the money, it can make people feel more desperate. This can also lead to customers feeling more stressed out and can impact their home life and their physical and mental health.