Uncle Buck

Since 2004, Uncle Buck has been providing loans to those who have found themselves in need of some cash quickly. They promise to provide a quick and simple assessment and same day funding for those who have their loan application approved. Uncle Buck provides themselves on having simple and easy repayment options, using a direct debit to automatically take payments, leaving you without the stress of remembering to pay. They also claim to have excellent customer service, from a legitimate UK based call centre. 

However, not everyone has experienced the fantastic service that they promise. A lot of Uncle Buck customers have had truly awful experiences with the customer service department at this company. Many of these individuals have said that when it comes to speaking with the customer service team, they found them to be unhelpful, uninterested and in some situations, just plain rude. Many people who use services like Uncle Buck are not at the greatest point of their life, many of them are struggling with money, have lost their jobs or are facing unexpected costs in their life. For people who are going through this difficult time, you would expect and hope for a customer service team who are understanding, sympathetic and helpful. 

However, many people have found that the customer service team at Uncle Buck are anything but helpful and understanding. Many customers have phoned the customer service team in the hope of getting someone friendly who is able to help them with moving their repayment date as they could not make the payment this month. These customers who have phoned up in desperate need have found that they were met with rude members of the team who often have an attitude which has been described as aggressive. This just makes people feel worse at a time in their life when they’re already not feeling great. 

Another common complaint about this payday lender is that people who have repaid their loans early – sometimes in as little as one month – have been charged extortionate interest. If an individual repays their loan early, then they should only be charged interest for the amount of time that they actually had the money for. Instead, Uncle Buck seems to charge people more interest, to make up for the amount of money they are going to lose on the individual not paying back over the agreed amount of time. This is highly unfair to the borrower, as they don’t want to be in debt, rightly so, and have worked out a way to get themselves out of debt early. 

In most situations, people would be rewarded for paying off their debts early, and any responsible lender would be happy, as they all claim to be there for the customer initially and want to make sure the borrower is getting themselves out of trouble. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Uncle Buck who only seem to care about getting the most money for themselves, without caring about the knock-on effect that has on the people who have borrowed from them. 

Overall, many people have had bad experiences with Uncle Buck, ranging from generally poor customer service experience to downright rude and unsympathetic responses from people. There have also been many issues surrounding the rules and regulations about interest rates and the amount that people should be paying. Uncle Buck seems to have a habit of overcharging people on their interest, and instead of rewarding them for paying off their loan early, they are penalising them by charging extortionate interest rates. 

If you have had a bad experience with Uncle Buck then you can get in contact with us today. We can help you address your issues and help you find a way to solve your problems, whatever they may be.