Our Fees

With Redbridge Finance you will be looked after by a small team of hugely experienced people, who truly understand Payday Loans and the Claims Process. We are most definitely not the cheapest firm in the industry but we are probably one of the most seasoned, with many years of experience. Of course, you can find cheaper companies, but do you really want to trust your claim to an inexperienced team? You can only claim once and if they do not do the best possible job you could lose a lot of money.

You do not have to use a Claims Management Company. You can make the claim directly to the lender yourself if you want to save the fee.

True No Win No Fee

With Redbridge Finance, you can cancel right up to the time of offer with nothing to pay and no questions asked. If an offer has been made you will need to pay us.

Other Charges

We don’t have any minimum charges, if the compensation is small so is our fee.

We do not charge any upfront fees, we take all the risk.

How it Works

Example 1: You still have an outstanding balance with the payday loan lender which is lower than compensation due to you.

Example 2: You currently have an outstanding balance to the payday loan lender higher than compensation due to you.

Example 3: Your loans are already paid off