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Payday Loan Claim Specialists

We are probably the most experienced Payday Loan Claim Specialists in the UK. We are 100% dedicated to Payday Loan refunds. We do nothing else but fight payday lenders to get a refund for our customers.

We will aim to get back:

All Interest Paid 

All charges and Fees

PLUS 8% Interest per Year

 Redbridge Finance has many years experience in Claims Management and Payday Loans. We offer very competitive pricing, fantastic customer service with super quick responses and progress.

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The Process 

The application is simple, we just need a few personal details and the names of the lenders who you had the loans with and away we go. We move quickly and you will never be waiting days for us to respond. 

Genuine No Win No Fee

We offer a genuine No Win No Fee service. If you don’t win, you don’t pay us anything. Our fee when we win is simply 25% plus vat of the amount the lender offers. You can cancel right up to the point of an offer being made - no questions asked.

 Can I Claim? 

If you have EVER had a payday loan and could not afford to make the full payment due, did you roll it over? Or did you take out another loan immediately after paying off a loan? Just having to pay the interest may have seemed like a lifesaver at the time, but you still owed the capital and next month you had the same problem. After several months the actual cost of the loan would have grown and grown.

Lenders should have assessed whether the rollover was affordable to you, not simply allowed you to do it time after time. In fact, many lenders actually encouraged people to roll over as it was more profitable for them if you did not pay back the capital. Sound familiar? You may be entitled to a full refund of all interest paid, all fees and compensation.