Guarantor Loans

Guarantor Loan Complaints

When you applied for a Guarantor loan the lender should have checked to see if the loan is affordable before allowing you to borrow the money. Just because you had provided someone who would “guarantee” the repayment of the loan, does not give the lender the right to ignore affordability.


If when we complain about a Guarantor Loan we win the interest is removed from any outstanding loans you still owe on. If you have already repaid the loan you will get a refund of the interest you paid plus 8% statutory interest added.


We only charge our fees on the net amount you win. So if you are not sent any money, we do not charge any fees. There is no risk to you at all. Have a look at our page on fees for some examples: Click Here


The person who guaranteed your loan (the guarantor) will not be affected by you making a complaint. They should not be told that you are making a complaint and nothing will change with them as long as you keep making repayments.