Amigo Guarantor Loans

Amigo is the largest Guarantor lender in the UK claiming around 80% of the market. They have many hundreds of thousands of customers and not surprisingly with that many customers, some of them want to complain about their loans.

Being a lender in the UK is difficult as the regulators seem to change the rules and allow customers to make retrospective complaints that did not break previous regulators rules. Yet they are forcing lenders to issue refunds and compensation even though at the time the loan was issued, they were following all the rules. This is great news for anyone who wants to make a complaint about an old loan or series of loans.

Amigo Loans is probably a great company, full of good diligent people, but mistakes are made by even the greatest and we believe that Amigo Guarantor Loans is not an exception.

If you are considering making a complaint against Amigo Loans, you can do this yourself or by using a company such as Redbridge Finance. Of course, we charge a fee if we manage to get a cash refund for you, but we do not charge our fee if an existing loan is written off or reduced, but not cash is paid out. This is a great scenario for many customers who accept that they may have to pay us a fee, but they may get a loan written off or refunded and not have to pay anything.

Here at Redbridge Finance, we are getting some great pay-outs from Amigo. One of our recent “wins” was for a customer who still owed Amigo £14,000 and we achieved a £10,000 refund, reducing her balance with them from £14,000 to £4,000.

In situations where there is no money actually returned to the customer (like this case), we do not charge any fees. So we did the work for this customer for free and she got a £10,000 credit on your Amigo Loan Refund.

We would obviously prefer to earn a fee, but we were still really happy for this customer.