Why Redbridge?

Pick the Right Claims Management Company

It could make a big difference to the actual money paid to you

If you are in the process of picking a company to handle your claim against a lender it would be fair to say that they all make claims about being the best, but any prospective customer should look very closely at the small print.

The table below makes a fair and honest comparison of the top Claims Management Companies (CMC) who are involved in making claims against Guarantor Loan Companies, Payday Loan Companies and Bad Credit Loan Companies.

All the information is taken from the relevant company’s website.


The first thing most people look at is the percentage that a CMC charges. Sadly a lot of people look no further and this can be a terribly expensive mistake as the differences are MASSIVE.

It is critical to check how the fees are calculated if they are calculated on the “Gross” amount offered this means that the CMC will charge its percentage on the top line offer before the right off of existing balances or tax.

As you can see from the table above, ONLY Redbridge Finance calculates its fees on the amount left after all deductions are made.