Provident will try and scare you into getting rid of Redbridge and dealing directly with them.

They will send you an email similar to the one below.

We feel that they are being unfair and not treating the customer fairly as their email contains statements which do not apply with Redbridge Finance.

In RED shows where this will not apply with Redbridge Finance.

Provident Letter Starts:

We write further to a complaint raised on your behalf by Redbridge Finance Limited, who are a Claims Management Company (CMC).

It is a regulatory requirement for your CMC to provide you with a summary document which contains;

·      a brief description of the services that they will provide under the agreement 

·      a brief description of the steps that you will need to take in respect of the claim;

·      a brief description of how they will keep you updated on the progress of the claim;

·      a fee illustration or estimate, and explanation of the calculation;

·      a brief description of your right to cancel the agreement, along with any fees payable upon cancelation. 

It should also have been explained to you that you are able to make a complaint directly to us, and subsequently, to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are not satisfied with our response, for free. Please be assured that your complaint will receive the same level of investigation regardless of who raises the complaint.  

The CMC should have provided you with the risks and costs involved in making such a complaint. In particular (where relevant);

·      the possibility of not recovering any money but becoming liable for costs, (NOT TRUE WITH REDBRIDGE)

·      the possibility, in the case of legal action, of attending Court and giving evidence.(NOT TRUE WITH REDBRIDGE)

If any of this information hasn’t been provided to you, you are able to make a formal complaint directly to the CMC to ensure this information has been provided to allow you to make an informed decision. 

Given our relationship is with you and not the CMC, unless we hear from you within the next 10 working days we will proceed with the investigation and respond to you directly but will send a copy of our final response to your chosen CMC. Alternatively, if you contact us and would prefer for us to communicate directly with the CMC we will ensure your request is adhered to.

We take your comments very seriously and we are committed to resolving your complaint quickly and to your satisfaction.  

Due to the nature of the complaint and the allegations of irresponsible lending, we need to inform you that no further lending will be available.

 After completing the investigation, we may determine that you are owed money (redress).  As noted above any redress due that is less than any outstanding balances held with us will be deducted from your balance, a cheque refund will not be issued. 

Should there be any surplus redress (the amount after your accounts have been settled if you have an outstanding agreement with us) that may be issued as part of the complaint resolution, this will be sent directly to you. As the contract you have signed with your chosen CMC may still require their fee to be paid (typically a percentage of the redress) you will need to settle any fees due to the CMC from the funds we send to you. (NOT TRUE WITH REDBRIDGE)

By way of illustration

After our investigation we may conclude Mrs EXAMPLE is due a balance reduction of £880.00, which would mean if the outstanding balance belonging to Mrs EXAMPLE was equal to this or more then no funds would be paid to her directly.

A typical CMC would expect 25% commission on the balance reduction, therefore in this illustration Mrs EXAMPLE would have to pay the CMC £220.00 from their own funds.(NOT TRUE WITH REDBRIDGE)

Please note that we have written to you to provide you with further information in this matter and that we cannot provide any advice on how you should proceed. Should you need advice please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau by visiting their website call them on 03454 04 05 06 who can provide free and impartial advice to you. 

Please find enclosed with this letter information that tells you more about how we will handle your complaint.

In support of our investigation, you are welcome to provide any evidence you feel is relevant to your concern(s). In order to avoid any delay, please can you provide us with any additional information / evidence within the next 10 working days via email at [email protected], in writing using the address at the foot of this letter or ring us on the number below. However, should you require more time, please contact us within this timescale to let us know. 

If throughout your journey with us you inform us of any sensitive information regarding your health or changes to your personal circumstances we will only use the information to help us review your account; it will not be used for anything else and we will only share this information with third parties who help us to manage your account. If you do not wish us to hold this information please let us know and we will remove it or if you want to discuss your circumstances in more detail please contact us on the number below. 

Yours sincerely

Danish Malik

Complaints Department

0800 916 6421 (free from most landlines and most mobiles)